Welcome to the Construction Industry Crime Prevention Program

The Construction Industry Crime Prevention Program (CICP) is a unique private sector, non-profit organization working toward the prevention and reduction of theft and vandalism on residential and commercial construction sites in Central and Northern California. The CICP Network, reward/hotline system consists of public and private sector participants including building trade associations, contractors, law enforcement agencies, criminal justice partners, local and state civic leaders, and community members. The program is funded through membership dues, association contributions and a construction grant. CICP has a prestigious Board of Directors representing firms in the construction industry throughout Central and Northern California.

CICP'S mission is carried out through a partnership with our members. We provide the highest degree of protection to their companies and property in an attempt to reduce construction crime and enhance safety through problem solving tactics, thereby creating an environment where construction crime will not flourish.

- David A. Arebalos, Executive Director